Check Images
Can’t remember who you wrote a check to? View images of most cleared checks online through Net Branch. With Check Imaging you can:  

View front and back images of checks  
Determine who cashed the check  
View cashing date  
Print copies of check images

Log into NetBranch. Click on Accounts then Draft (D002) then look under Description for the Draft number you are looking for and click on it. It’s that easy!

Go-Green! URW Community Federal’s E-Statements are the eco-friendly way to give you better access to your information. Along with the convenience of reviewing your deposit, loan and Visa statements online, E-Statements are safer than paper statements and may actually reduce your risk of identity theft – so you can cut down on paperwork and protect your personal information. With E-Statement you have:
  • The ability to view your statement the same day it's ready.
  • An Email notice informing you that your statement is available for viewing.
  • Access to prior statements

Add E-Statements Now: Log in to Netbranch, select Account Summary, then select “E-Statements” under Services. Earn $5 in your URW Savings Account when you sign up! If you are using a 'Spam Blocker' with your e-mail program, be sure and add to your "Friends" list.


E-alerts and E-transfers


Electronic services have revolutionized the way we work, communicate and do business. At URW community Federal, the latest in electronic services have made staying on top of your finances simple and nearly fool-proof.





E-Alerts notify you electronically when certain transactions or events happen with your URW Community Federal accounts. Each E-Alert can be sent to multiple e-mail addresses or cellular phone numbers within minutes of the actual transactions. With E-Alerts, you'll know immediately when any of the following occur:


  • Low balance
  • Non-sufficient funds (NSF)
  • Courtesy pay
  • Overdraw transfer
  • Direct deposit received
  • Large withdrawal
E-Alerts can be a helpful way to manage your funds, and can be set to monitor just one or several URW Community Federal accounts. They can also provide information on certificates and loans. Just think how easy it would be to receive a message that your certificate is maturing or your car payment is due.


Now you can electronically transfer funds between your URW Community Federal accounts and accounts at other financial institutions with the click of a mouse.


At URW Community Federal, it's easier than ever to sign your loan documents* with E-Signatures. There is no need to schedule an appointment or visit a branch. The E-Signature process takes the hassle out of loan closing with an e-mail notification that your documents are ready. Simply complete a consent and authentication process to electronically sign your documents and your loan is closed quickly and conveniently!

Learn more

Log on to Netbranch to learn more about any of these services, to set up E-Alerts or view the E-Alerts demo. 

* Excluding home equity and mortgage loans

Financial Software

Easily and effectively manage your finances by integrating the functionality of personal finance software with the convenience of NetBranch. Link Net Branch directly to Quicken.

With Financial Software, you can:
  • Download your account balances and latest transactions.
  • Create reports and graphs to help determine your spending habits.
  • Create a budget that is customized to your finances.
  • Prepare for taxes easily by tracking your taxable entries and tax-deductible items electronically.
  • Improve the accuracy of your records and simplify the process of balancing your checkbook.

I-pay Bill Payment

If you think NetBranch is great you are going to love URW Community Federal’s I-pay! With your URW Community Federal Checking Account, you can pay your bills monthly directly from your computer without ever writing another paper check or buying another stamp! Using this service, you can pay multiple bills at the same time, make one-time payments or schedule recurring payments, review your pending and recent payment history, schedule bill reminders, make unlimited payments at no charge and eliminate paper by signing up to get e-Bills from your billers. View the I-pay demo

for more information or to Add Bill Pay Now: Log in to Netbranch.

and select “Bill Payments” under services.

Manage your URW Visa Card Online

View recent credit card purchases and statements.

External Transfers

Easily transfer funds between your URW Community Federal accounts and your accounts at just about any other financial institution. You can schedule transfers at any time, or set up recurring transfers, all without being charged a fee.
Set up External Transfers Now: Log in to NetBranch

Online Tax Services

URW Community Federal offers a variety of planning and filing resources to guide you through each step of tax completion.


TurboTax® - For members who prefer to complete their own taxes, URW Community Federal has partnered with Intuit® to offer TurboTax, an easy way to prepare and file your taxes. TurboTax is a program designed to easily guide users through every step of tax preparation and filing. As an URW Community Federal member, you will receive a 15% discount when accessing any TurboTax software through our site. Members may also prepare, print and e-file simple federal tax returns for FREE with TurboTax Federal Free Edition (State filing charges apply).   

IRS e-File - Electronically file your taxes using one of the IRS's recommended services.  

IRS Free File - Free tax filing services, compliments of the IRS.   

Free Income Tax Assistance - Free tax assistance for qualified individuals.

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Pay Other People (POP money)

This free payment service allows you to electronically send money to someone by using any one of these options:
  • The recipient's email address
  • The recipient's mobile phone number
  • The recipient's checking or savings account information

Add Bill Pay Now: Log in to NetBranch and select “Bill Payments” under services.

URW Community Federal Message Center

If you have questions about your URW accounts, use the URW Community Federal Message Center to send and receive confidential messages from URW. Unlike email, your messages are stored in Net Branch so they are secure and confidential and can only be accessed after you’ve logged into Net Branch using your User ID and Password.
Be as specific as you like in the details of your message (account number, transaction information, etc.) and we’ll respond with the information you need within 2-4 business hours. To send a confidential message, log into Netbranch and visit the Message Center.


*Some products on this page are not NCUA


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